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Effective immediately, our Food Bank has moved into what we are calling "Hamper Distribution" mode.  During the remaining period of this pandemic we will be asking our clients to please remain outside of the food bank and we will bring food to them.

We ask that you wait in an orderly line, keeping a good distance between yourself and the next person. 

Please knock loudly on the front door of the church and stand back from the doors.  We will need to see your members' card as always, a volunteer will come out and ask you which times your would like from a checklist (based on family size and availability, we well endeavor to provide these items).  In addition we will be giving you some staples.  If there is anything in your bags that you will not use, we urge you to share with a friend or neighbor so that no food goes to waste.

We ask that if you are felling unwell, you get a friend, neighbor or family member to come to the food bank for you.  They must bring your membership card and a short note (with your signature on it) requesting that we give your bag of food to them.

If you are unable to make it into the Food Bank due to self isolation and/or quarantine, please call 705-435-3255 and we will attempt to make arrangements for grocery delivery. 

It is with a heavy heart, but an abundance of care, that we make these changes.  Our food bank has always provided an excellent shopping experience for all of our clients and we hope to return to our normal operations quickly.  It is only by respecting our need to isolate and disinfect that we can beat this pandemic. 

Thank your for your cooperation as we work our way through this very difficult time.


Thornton Community Food Bank Volunteers


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